In the case of FLC Energy and most of our customers, we use Rebates Programs at the State level to offset the cost of Home Performance projects to our clients. These programs vary from State to State, but in Maryland and Delaware, where FLC Energy is focused, the programs are somewhat alike. Let’s take a closer look at the programs in each State!


The Energize Delaware program helps all Delaware residential utility account holders maximize energy efficiency and improve comfort while saving money and contributing to greater health and safety in homes. By taking a whole-house approach to improvements, the program offers great rebates while pushing for once-and-done approaches that offer greater returns on investments.

How to Start?

It all begins with an Energy Audit! You can request an assessment through Energize Delaware directly or #CallFLC at 410-860-8410 to get signed up. Energy Audits through the program are only $50 and while we’re on-site, we can install some energy-efficient items like LED lights, Water-Efficient Shower Heads, and other items, all at No Additional Cost to you. The audit process provides a holistic picture of the home as a system and we make recommendations on everything from the crawlspace, windows, the HVAC unit, and its distribution system. The energy audit provides both a list of improvements you can make to the home right now, but also a road map for the home’s future and your life in it.

How Do the Rebates Work?

The Energize Delaware program has set rebate amounts for different eligible items within a Home Performance project. There are rebates for the mechanical systems in the house, like Boilers, Furnaces, A/C Systems, and Heat Pumps. But also for water heaters, dehumidifiers, and whole-house ventilation systems. Addressing the home’s envelope is rebate eligible too, like Conditioned Crawl Spaces, Wall and Attic insulation, and Duct Sealing. Even energy-efficient siding upgrades are eligible!

Since these rebates are already set, you know exactly what you stand to save on the cost of a project. In FLC’s case, we typically hold a client’s rebate in our name and handle all the paperwork associated with the program. By providing this service, we reduce the cost of the total project by the rebate amount. This lowers the out-of-pocket expense to our clients and ensures our customers how confident we are in the work we perform. Removing the paperwork headache from your process makes things so much easier and worry-free.

The Energize Delaware program has a maximum rebate of $7500.00, which can go a very long way for a Home Performance project. You can find a list of rebate-eligible measures here at There’s even a Home Energy Loan Program to further reduce your out-of-pocket costs on projects, offered right through the program from approved Home Performance Contractors like FLC Energy.


Maryland’s and Delaware’s programs are alike in some ways; they both cover 75% of a project’s cost, up to $7500.00 and they both incentive a Whole House Approach to Home Performance. However, Maryland’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is not available to customers of utility co-ops.

Maryland’s program also begins with the Energy Audit. Energy Audits in Maryland are $100 and also include the installation of energy-efficient items at No Additional Cost. If you’re a Delmarva Power customer, you can sign up for an Energy Audit here at, or #CallFLC.

One of the key differences between the programs is the rebate structure. Again, in Delaware, the rebates are fixed. In Maryland, the rebates are based on the modeled energy savings of a project. These models are based on the current set-up of the home, as well as the scope of work being proposed on the property.

Maryland’s rebate structure also makes it possible for FLC Energy to reserve the rebate in our name, allowing us to remove that amount from the cost of your project and reducing your out-of-pocket expense. Maryland’s BeSMART Home Loan Program can help you to finance projects big and small; from water heater replacements to deep energy retro-fits.

More About Energy Audits

To maximize your rebate and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, an experienced and detailed auditor is a must. Small inefficiencies around the home like missing insulation or disconnected duct lines make big differences in your home’s energy usage and comfort, so you want an energy auditor capable of thoroughly inspecting all areas of the property. Simply poking your head into an attic or a crawl space won’t cut it!

It’s unlikely you’ll have more than one Energy Audit performed on one house, so detail is critical. Separate sections of your home need to be modeled independently of one another, with their own recommendations and specific labels. If your report is labeled as Attic Area 1, 2, and 3, how do you expect to know which areas are being referenced? Imagine looking back at that report three years from now and trying to remember what your auditor was talking about!

Energy Audits from FLC Energy are full of detail. From the on-site inspection of the home to the creation of the Energy Model, we’ll have accurate sketches and measurements, verified mechanical data from the home, and comprehensive notes of existing conditions. You’ll receive all the photos from our site visit too, which you can compare to the final photos we take at the time of our Quality Control Inspections, should you choose to move forward with a project of your own.

If you’re considering making upgrades to your home, you must consider having an Energy Audit performed. Most homeowners have misconceptions about where they’re losing energy and what’s causing their comfort problems. Trying to correct an issue with your home by addressing the HVAC system or your windows is unlikely to provide a solution to your woes. In fact, in today’s world of higher-efficiency equipment, replacing systems without addressing the house as a whole can lead to moisture issues, oversized equipment, and frustrating problems with home comfort.

So #CallFLC Energy and schedule your home’s Energy Audit today. Take the first step to improve your life by better understanding your biggest investment.

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