Your house is a system. As experts in Home Performance and Weatherization, we solve problems in your home with building science and testing.

Energy Audits

Smart homeowners know that an energy audit by FLC’s Green Team will save them money now and well into the future. All Delaware Residents and Maryland Delmarva Power customers can receive a Comprehensive Energy Audit for only $100! This is a savings of $300!

Home Energy Audit Services include:

  • Attic Duct Sealing

  • Crawl Space Duct Sealing

  • New Construction Duct Sealing

Weatherization Services


Weatherizing your home is typically one of the best investments a homeowner or building owner can make for energy savings, energy bill savings, and reducing environmental impact.

The main benefits of Weatherization include:

  • Reduced heating & cooling bills

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Improved home comfort

  • Tax credits and incentives


We offer insulation options for new and existing homes, multi-family buildings and commercial buildings throughout the region.

  • Attic Insulation

  • Basement Insulation

  • Crawl Space Insulation

  • Dense Pack Insulation

  • Exterior Wall Insulation

  • Sound Proof Insulation

Air Sealing

Air-Sealing reduces improves humidity control, stops uncomfortable drafts, lowers utility bills, cut down on pests, AND improves your indoor air quality.

  • Attic Air Sealing

  • Basement Air Sealing

  • New Construction Air Sealing

Crawl Spaces

A Conditioned Crawl Space is a once and done solution to all of these crawl space woes. Let us transform this damp, dark, pest infested area of your home into a clean, dry and healthy space.

  • Conditioned Crawl Space

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation

Duct Sealing

If the ducts that distribute the air and heat throughout your home are leaky or improperly installed, they may be the real culprit in why you have poor air quality or drafts in your home.

  • Attic Duct Sealing

  • Crawl Space Duct Sealing

  • New Construction Duct Sealing

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