We find ourselves in an awful lot of home’s each month, discussing crawlspace repair needs with hundreds of folks across the Delmarva Peninsula. During our inspections and energy audits, clients often look to us for advice and insights about home repair and maintenance. No surprise, we talk about crawlspace a lot!

We believe in transparency and the value of an informed decision. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some companies that have a long-standing history and solid reputation for crawlspace repair on the Delmarva Peninsula.

  1. DryZone

With an established presence in the industry, DryZone is known for its professional service and high-quality crawlspace solutions. Whether it’s for moisture control or structural repairs, DryZone’s can provide a comprehensive approach to crawlspace problems.

  1. Seaside Environmental

Seaside Environmental, located in Delaware, has garnered recognition for their expertise in dealing with a variety of crawlspace issues. They are known for their commitment to using environmentally friendly solutions, while ensuring the high standards of quality.

  1. Dry-Tek Environmental

Dry-Tek Environmental of Salisbury, MD, has been serving the area for years, and they specialize in crawlspace encapsulations. “The Original Crawlspace Experts” are committed to improving crawlspace neglect by addressing issues like moisture and mold under homes.

  1. Brasures

Based in Selbyville, Delaware, Brasures has been in the industry for many years, offering a range of services including crawlspace waterproofing and mold remediation. They are highly regarded for their customer service and quality.

  1. Total Home Performance

Total Home Performance, located in Easton, Maryland, provides comprehensive home energy solutions, including crawlspace insulation and encapsulation. They have earned a reputation for their commitment to improving energy efficiency and overall home comfort. A Home Performance Contractor like FLC Energy, THP is also BPI Accredited.

So there you have it – five companies to consider if you’re looking for crawlspace repair quotes on the Delmarva Peninsula. Remember, it’s always best to obtain multiple estimates to ensure you’re receiving the most comprehensive service for the best value. We always recommend an apples to apples review of each proposals scope of work and material list.

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We also recommend our guide on “Preventing Crawlspace Issues: A Homeowner’s Checklist,” which can help you understand and prevent common problems.

Lastly, we’d like to mention the importance of seeing the work firsthand. Pictures and reviews can only tell you so much – experiencing a professionally encapsulated or conditioned crawlspace can provide a whole new level of understanding. Let’s schedule a time for you to visit one of our recently serviced homes in the area. It’s worth the short trip to truly appreciate the difference a well-maintained crawlspace can make in your home.

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